Kas Eeqr

Paranoid Inbred Kel Dor Force Sensitive


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Kas Eeqr, having been a daughter born within a gene pool that had been limited for generations, has inherited a number of aberrant traits distinct from the already peculiar Dorin physiology:

A rarely known fact of Xenobiology is Force Sensitivity causes a few physiological changes in the Kel Dor. The key signifier is their beady prawn-like eyes will have a pure silver film instead of being plain black beads. As well, Kas having fermented in her mounting paranoia and fear surrounding the Force, has left her spongy fungal-consistency flesh a sickly pale peach tone, with mottled crimson receded into her folds and creases.

She is uncannily short for her fully grown age of 19, with a rather thick proportions to her stature of 140 pounds. A case of Pectus Carinatum convexing her chest outwards with wider hips and shoulders, yet the ends of her extremities: wrists, ankles, forearms, shins, all still stretch on gauntly in complete contrast to the rest of her physiology.

The normal quantity of fingers for a Kel Dor’s hand is three and a thumb, each ending in a large pointed and dark nail akin to a pseudo-talon of sorts. Partial polydactyly has left her left hand with an additional final finger, fused together at the first joint.

The tendrils located behind and between the jaw and side lobes of a Kel Dor’s head end in nails similar to those that reside on their fingers, yet they eventually fall out with old age, leaving mucous tissues that must be protected from oxygen. Kas Eeqr’s nail’s however are viciously ingrown and rooted rather firmly; As well, akin to her polydactyly, an additional massive dense tendril grew outwards from the base of her skull and upper lobe that archs upwards, constantly dangling behind her.

Kas frequently sports a modified Anti-Ox Rebreather as her mouth has a massive cleft that extends towards and beyond the height of her eyes, leaving oxygen vulnerable tissues in places inconvenient for most standard Anti-Ox masks to protect.

Relatively sensitive about diminutive stature of 4’8", Kas has a habit of adorning rather gaudy clothing and footwear in even inconvenient situations, provided the social scenario is typical. Mission gear for when she needs to stay unseen is entirely different, sans the height boosting footwear. But after all, who would expect someone dressed to catch eyes to be doing anything subversive?..


Kas Eeqr was conceived between a bodyguard of one of the Dorin Elders and his daughter, the hideworker assistant of her butcher husband, during an affair for political favors in clearing false charges levied against her husband. Kas had only lived with her mother for a very meager portion of her childhood, of which she has even scanter memories of, save for tensions, squabbling, and constantly being stricken by various ailments frequently leaving her alone in some medbay. In these periods of time as a meer child, she was constantly struggling with frequent nightmares, a impending sense of doom, and an eerie awareness of the presence of all of the ill and dying around her as the doctors skulked past them in the hallways.

It was not long before a doctor’s report and examination had her taken under communal custody of the Council of Elders, of whence had been informed of the ramifications of her visions and perceptions. It was under their careful, calculative, and ostentatious tutelage, care, and supervision, that she properly learned and grew to hate and fear bureaucracy, authority, the force, others, and herself. By this point, her former family was of no concern to her, and her adolescent days were filled with librarian duties forced upon her, and intense studies required of her whilst on stimulant medications intended to prevent concentration and focus, in an impetuous attempt of neutering any intuition with the Force.

The treatments appeared to be working. They weren’t. Kas’s situation in those regards were deteriorating rather quickly, but she simply began to learn how to manage to hide it from her handlers that reported to the Council. Just don’t trust them with the truth, just let them think what they wanted to, and everything would be fine so long as nobody knew or could tell, was the rationalization she came to. After all was not the entire purpose of all this was to hide her from the Empire? She began to get a innate feel of what people thought, and what they wanted to think by the end of interactions with her.

With this she was allowed and compelled by the council to interact more with others and was trusted to monitor herself. She thought she loathed having handlers before but, this struck deep fear into her. The stimulants had left her agitated and irritable, hardly able to maintain the archival position she had been groomed for, and actively avoided and hid from people, taking backroutes and desolated parts of the derelict to avoid trafficked areas. She was thankfully able to pass off her anxiety of unknown individuals as holier-than-thou refinement, passing herself as some Noblesque Council daughter. Kas’s most frequent interactions with others was eavesdropping on their conversations and emotions. Her favorite haunts to stalk were the Astrogation and Communications hubs. She enjoyed hearing the chatter of people discovering new star systems that have entered proximity and all the strange radio chatter that had crossed the Derelict thanks to the unpredictability of Wild Space. Many people have been born and died on the Derelict without ever leaving, as transit was heavily restricted by the council, and concepts to her like the chaos of natural weather patterns intrigued her greatly. Wanderlust overtook her as the council eventually reluctantly decided to assign her to regularly investigate abandoned and deactivated sectors of the derelict for the reclamation of lost archives, due to her ineptitude with people. However, because of the the frequency of hostile infestations of pests and illicit activities, the council decreed that she would need an armed handler with her all times. Or else she would need combat training herself, a council member jokingly levied.

The triangular grip of the Cycler Rifle felt good in her hands. There was something about it that was Instinctual and primal and carnal and it felt good to destroy a target with a solid slug delivered to center mass. She left cadets jealous of her aim, which people humorously dismissed as being thanks to her having what was dubbed “a human finger on her foregrip,” yet she was an absolute joke in sparring for hand-to-hand subdual. Her limp slaps and attempts to grapple with her poor leverage and stature were laughable, Yet it took forever to actually land a blow. Her interactions were slim with the other cadets all the way through training, where she would often sneak off to the range when she wasn’t eavesdropping. Upon graduation she was overjoyed and prided with the illustrious position she had received: Pest Control. It was something. Something that kept her away from people and it was really the only official assignment they could delegate to keep her in the reaches of the Derelict the Council originally. It was something where she could be alone to let loose her restrained mind to frequently utilize the Force, and frequently utilize her trigger finger to let loose a round into a squirming creature. The mixture of the two was intoxicating…

Kas Eeqr

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