CC-7982-23 "Noctus"

A storm commando who is armed to the teeth with a red and black stripe running down his helm. His pauldron colors are the same.


CC-7982-23 was a loyal, honest soldier who fought for everyone in the Clone Wars. When his eyes were opened to the traitorous nature of the Jedi he’d fought beside for so long, he didn’t hesitate to put them down. Known for going hand to hand against a force user and winning, that victory earned him the name ‘Noctus’, which he carried with him into the service of the Empire.

Now he serves as a Storm Commando for the Empire, a ruthless and vicious soldier who is efficient in nearly all weaponry. He is a titan among clones and even those who wield the powers of the Force fear his presence. The traditional Stormtrooper armor is his choice, but he has been allowed to alter the colors of command to a slight degree and beyond that a battle-skirt is draped behind his legs in the exterior color of black and interior of red. Across the mouthpiece of his bucket is the call sign, ‘N0C7US’, his new number in the Empire’s index. Thanks to his training and prestigious position he’s been allowed to pick a more appropriate kit for combat that suits the skillset.

He has settled on the Lightsaber of the Jedi he killed with his bear hands and the Heavy Blaster that had been swatted from him, still bearing the scar of the blade he uses on its barrel.

CC-7982-23 "Noctus"

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